“I’m just a little kid from the ‘hood who likes to cook.”

That’s how Arron Sain describes himself. But that description may be the greatest understatement ever uttered.

Arron Sain is most recognized for making healthy changes simple by the creation of the Insainly Fit Meals. As a professionally trained chef, Arron wanted to combine healthy eating and physical fitness in the easiet way. Arron found a passion for bodybuilding and wanted to incorporate a healthier lifestyle through his love of food.

He began cooking and prepping meals for local athletes and bodybuilding competitors including 2018 Mr. Olympia Brandon Hendrickson and Los Angeles Rams player Aaron Donald.

Born in Joliet, Illinois and bred in Plainfield, Arron has gained national recognition as a chef, celebrity trainer, champion bodybuilder and entrepreneur but it all started in his mother’s kitchen. Like most boys, Arron grew up enjoying his mama’s cooking. But unlike most boys, Arron was not just interested in eating good food. He wanted to prepare it as well and as it turns out, his mother was completely on board. “I remember my mom telling me ‘I’m going to teach you how to cook and wash and iron your own clothes so you don’t need anybody when you grow up’.” 

Arron watched and learned and before too long, he was wielding the spatula like a pro. “I started cooking when I was 14,” he recalls. “It all started with cheese eggs.” 

With working parents — his mom was employed at Illinois Bell and his father was a principal and PE teacher — Arron was a latchkey kid who often had to fend for himself after school but what started out as a necessity grew into a passion. “I didn’t know it was a passion at the time,” he notes. “I just loved eating. But I also started to love the fact that food made people happy. It’s like music — it soothes the savage beast. It’s the universal language.”

After high school, Arron attended culinary school. It was admittedly more intense than he expected — a far cry from whipping up cheese eggs for his friends after school — but it helped him to see food differently. “Plates became a blank canvas,” he muses. “Food was the material I used to construct art.”

But he soon realized that food was not just to be looked at and admired. Nor was it simply for satisfying the palate. It was about nurturing the soul and healing the body. “Food is medicine,” he affirms. 

With this newfound philosophy, Arron sought to marry his talent in the kitchen with his penchant for bodybuilding and focused on teaching others how to get healthy from the inside out. “Too often we worry about what’s on the outside but all the mechanics are on the inside. You’re asking your body to do things but you’re not giving it the proper fuel to do what it needs to do. You don’t put garbage gas in a Lamborghini. I’m just trying to show people that they can be superheroes.”

And Arron may well be a superhero in his own right.  Not just a great chef and a diligent personal trainer, Arron is also an entrepreneur and, like any true innovator, he has found a way to turn his passion into a business enterprise. Insainly Fit Meals, a company whose goal is to, as Arron says, “BEAST the kitchen.” is a home delivery food service that Arron founded in July 15.

Says Arron, “What separates us from other services is that we vacuum seal our food. I want you to cut open that bag and drop it into that microwaveable container and sit down and enjoy that meal as if I just made it for you in your very own kitchen,” he enthuses.  So far, Insainly Fit Meals has been met with so much demand that Arron is seeking to expand his delivery service outside the Chicago area.

“My goal is world domination,” he says only half-jokingly. “I want to help people feel good about themselves. Looking amazing having muscles, yes, that’s great. But there’s more to it.  If I can get one person that’s unhealthy, one person who hasn’t had a good night’s sleep because they have sleep apnea and I can help them lose weight and sleep through the night that would be my definition of success. If someone gets to play with their kids this weekend because they weren’t in the kitchen cooking but still had healthy meals for their family, that’s my definition of success. If someone says to me, ‘thank you for giving me my life back,” that’s my definition of success.”

Not bad for a little kid from the ‘hood.